Josh Druck

JOSH DRUCK: Lead Internet Marketing Strategist/Consultant outside in

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Social Media Strategist & Consultant – Business Owner – Entrepreneur – Content Developer & Internet Marketing Visionary
As a social media marketing consultant, I work with small, mid-sized and larger companies to help them design and implement social business infrastructures, so that they can use the Internet to better communicate with their customers. This typically includes consumer research, customer experience and customer service, public relations and brand reputation management, content and inbound marketing, direct sales and business development, internal communications and organizational culture shift.                                                                                                                                                               
> Social Business Design
> Social Media Marketing Strategy and Execution
> Online Community Management
> Search Engine Optimization for Blogging
> Corporate Blogging – Collaborative & Personal
> Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation
> Internet/Social Media Content Strategy & Production
> Leading and Managing Implementation Teams
> Social CRM Implementation and Administration
> Analytics/Conversion/Tracking

Core skills:

Highly organized: keen attention to detail, a sense of urgency, excellent communications skills, a great attitude, and able to handle multiple projects concurrently.

Marketer at heart: understand that social media isn’t a gimmick that exists in a vacuum. It’s a versatile, powerful tool that unlocks new ways of solving marketing problems.

Versatile: can craft high-level, strategic recommendations and execute them at their most granular detail, (i.e. manage Twitter accounts or write blog entries)

Problem-solver: able to solve problems (big and small).

Connector: communicate effectively across departments to ensure that ideas satisfy all stakeholders (tech requirements, creative platform, media strategy, etc.).

Catalyst: don’t hope for ideas, rather, make them happen. Resourceful, know how to get things done.

Friendly: form positive relationships with the people I work with.

Passionate: have a sincere passion for advertising and want to do GREAT, challenging work.

Curious: up-to-date with the latest advances in new media (social media, mobile, augmented reality, etc.) know that reading Mashable is far from enough. Test and try new tools, able to “talk the ever-evolving talk and “walk the ever-evolving walk”.

Hard-worker: strive to make great work happen, like to defy expectations and comfortable in a fast-paced, dynamic, demanding environment.

Social by nature: can’t keep my knowledge to myself and can’t wait to absorb other people’s insights. Have a social footprint of my own .

Articulate: have rock solid communication skills, oral (able to present ideas) and written (high level of proficiency in PowerPoint, good writer/content creator).

Creative and Proactive: understand that advertising is a business of ideas and are able to be equally inspired and inspiring on any project, from multi-million international campaigns to local projects with anemic budgets. Always seek new opportunities outside of the traditional brick and mortar (i.e. Facebook & Twitter).