Avi Cohen

AVI COHEN: CEO/Founder outside in

Avi got up close and personal with business technology as an instructor of Data
Communication and Information Systems for the Minnesota School Of Business
and Computer Networking and Technology for St. Paul Public Schools.

This teaching experience taught Avi the skills needed to translate

complicated technical information into understandable, plain English.

Moving from teaching to practical application, Avi was a key resource
for the design of the tech support system at IndiVisual

In the most recent 2 years, he has worked with several companies helping
them to grow beyond their expectations. This includes his latest project
of increasing gross sales of All That’s Naturalby 8 million dollars.

Founding Outside In Technology moves so fast that
most people, naturally, have questions and concerns.

Businesses can use technology even more effectively and confidently
when they have a solid, comfortable understanding of it.

Avi Cohen founded Outside In to help companies realize their potential
by sharing his knowledge and successful experience with applied business

Now, with Outside In, he brings “in” and executes fresh, powerful
ideas with tools that would otherwise remain “outside,” and

Avi is, at heart, a people person and communicator. He is into building long term relationships –professionally and socially where all parties benefit.

His reputation for streamlining practices, procedures, negotiating
leases, and building strong business relationships with everyone he encounters
has helped to anchor Avi as a great asset to any company he has worked

Comfortable with old friends and new, today’s technology and that
of tomorrow, Avi can bring talented people and powerful technology into
the most harmonious and profitable relationship.

Project Portfolio:

Dybbuk Press / co-founded 2004

Born To Be Famous / co-founded 2004

All That’s Natural Inc. /2002 – 2004 increased gross sales by 8 million dollars

Diversified Retail Specialists / co-founded 2004

Jewelry Brokers / co-founded 2004

Rambam Financial Corp / Merger 2003

Upscale foods / web project 2002

Work2day.org / web project 2000

Relationship Builders / co-established 2000

Outside in E-solutions / founded 2000