Akiva Perl

AKIVA PERL: Vice President outside in

Akiva joins us as an IT expert in with specialized knowledge in data recovery.

His experiences bring a rich knowledge base for us to work from and helps to provide fantastic out of the box ideas! Keywords: Marketing, Fundraising, Consulting…  (Innovated – Administrated)

  1. Head counselor 2 years in CANADA
  2. Hockey Coach in Montreal
  3. Ran 4 dinners. From Journal ads to seating arrangements (thru computer)
  4.  Fundraising: Help Develop Donor$ for institutions, Schools, Grades thru governments. (Ask me)  Pledge, donors, etc.
  5. Fundraising: TIP$ – The Incoming Program System. Dinners- Raffles-Cocktail parties – Software package.
  6. Principal of School Grades 1-6 250 children, for 10 years.
  7. Created for Computers & Electronic company their fist website, grossing over a Million dollars.  3 years.
  8. Sales and Marketing –SEO for Harmony Computers.
  9. Built and ran entire company, from website to spread sheets. Computer4Kids.com
  10. Organized many Fundraising events and community projects.
  11. Data Recovery and Clever Computers  – See red brochure for text…
  12. Fundraising: Full Pushka-Charity Box Campaign from Print Box to software managements.
  13. 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN Telethon management. From stars like Henny Youngman to Cantor Avi Albricht.  MBD, Avrohom Fried, and many Choir.
  14. Ordained Rabbi of Chabad-Lubavitch of Merrich-Bellmore.  Lunch & Learn, Torah & Horah, Shabbat Express.
  15. Radio Show Host on WHPC/WBAU 90.3FM for 10 years.
  16. Built Chinese Auction Websites.
  17. Fundraising: letters from Solicitation, follow up, reminders, raffle tix.
  18.  Innovated – Administrated website – PriceDiggers.com
  19. Ran 1000s of RJ-45 network cables, and built servers for schools in the tri-state area.
  20. Mentor System: Marriage Counselor for Matchmaking and coaching
  21.  Press release expert to: Media, City, State officials and any Government body.
  22. Grant writing.
  23.  Lately, BJRX.info you know a lot about Business Meetings.  Like BNI. I’ll send some info.
  24. NCFJE NFP Car pickup and Sales
  25. Licensed in Real Estate for 3 years
  26. MencoRealty.com RE Website
  27. HomeCompleted.com Developed full company – For all your finishing touches.
  28. Home renovation consultant.
  29. Flames of Gold Production – 1.5 hours 6 parts
  30. CleverComputers.com  IT Work for Fortune 500 companies
  31. DataRecoveryLaboratory & EmergencyRecovery.com Work for Proskaur & Rose.
  32. In Canada, Managed Library, from Binding to Computer cataloging.
  33. SafeInternet.biz.  For Home and Business Safe Internet.
  34. Built a company called Top 100 Appliances.  Wholesale and Retail Large appliances.
  35. Top 100, In. Government, Federal and State Bidding on Electronics.  I was the V.P. Marketing Director.