PR goes beyond metrics and measurements. Our PR experts will increase the volume, frequency, calibre and general usefulness of our clients self-produced content and media coverage.

Media Relations

If you want to get ahead of the competition, then you want to work with us. What people read online is what they take home with them. When you work with Outside In Enterprises, you can “do you” while we provide unique content and marketing strategies that place you ahead of the game. Earned media is crucial to your online reputation, and its the center of the customized client plan we develop for you.

Crisis communications

You have a crisis, we can fix it. We create a step by step guideline that will help you monitor, fix the issue, and create a long term plan so that it never happens again. Let us help you navigate the storm.

Content Creating

You name what you want, we create it. Social Media accounts, Blog Posts, Videos, Info graphics, etc. From blueprint to final product, our Creative Team/ Content Team will execute this.

Message Developing

Developing your story is just as important as building the website itself. Nexus will create a compelling story that lets people know why they should care about your company. Let us develop your voice, targeted at whatever audience you tell us, and to whichever platform fits your motive.