Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Service: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Capacity: Keyword Research, Content Spinning/Distribution, PR, Copywriting, Rich Headline Creation
Search Engine Optimization for Blogging, Corporate Blogging – Collaborative & Personal, Analytics/Conversion/Tracking, Online Brand Strategy,  Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation, Press Release Creation and Submission, Video Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is an organic internet marketing solution, where the search results are displayed organically based on the popularity and visibility of a website within the search engines based on their own indexing algorithms. As Google, and other popular search engines, crawl each page of your website, they pick up strategically placed programming terms (tags), which allow them to rank your site higher or lower, depending on numerous factors.

It is critical to set up your web pages in such a way that would enable the highest possible natural ranking by a search engine algorithm. That involves, among other activities, choosing the most proper and applicable keywords / key-phrases that best characterize your brand, and placing them in such a way that would make them distinctively visible to Google (though they may not be visible to your regular website visitors).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are inextricably linked – and in today’s world work together synergistically. That is why we consider them equally important parts of your overall onlne marketing strategy. We focus on driving organic search results for you that guide your target audience to the pages they want to see. We’ve found that most consumers are tolerating “interruption marketing” less and less. We run a complete keyword research report for you and then optimize your blogs and social content to rank well for those terms via carefully constructed campaigns that include on-page SEO (internal programming) coupled with simultaneous off-page SEO strategies (external social techniques).

Local SEO Narrow down your location-specific keywords and achieve rankings in local searches.

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